Guided Tour: I’m in Academia

Hey there!

Tell you what? If you’re an academic, you’ve come to the right place. First class academics are first class citizens over here!

We’ve got quite a bit going on for you to check out, so take a look below, and check back often for updates.


Updated: 12 March by AI4D Team

There’s a phenomenal research paper coming out this month. You should definitely get your hands on it, so please join the waiting list.


Updated: 12 March by Matt

There are currently two open calls for proposals, one for Climate Action, and the other for public universities from eligible low and lower-middle income countries with demonstrated expertise in the subjects that are critical for responsible AI research, education, and innovation. Apply now!


Updated: Feb 12 by Kat

Most people don’t know that even though our website is brand new, we have a lot of juicy content for academics from the formative days of AI4D. Explore below.

About Us

Last updated: 12 March 2021

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for all in Africa and beyond by partnering with Africa’s science and policy communities to leverage AI through high-quality research, responsible innovation, and talent strengthening.