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AI4D Africa aims to support the development of responsible AI research and policy from Africa.

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Geo-referencing crop labels from street-level images using Structure from Motion
Street2Sat: A Machine Learning Pipeline for Generating Ground-truth Geo-referenced Labeled Datasets from Street-Level Images
AgricultureClimate Change AIFood systems
Principles of Afro-Feminist AI Data
Afro-feministFeminist AIPollicy Org
Towards Afro-Feminist AI: A Handbook For Approaching Governance of AI in Africa
Afro-feministFeminist AIGovernance
Automated Optimization-Based Deep Learning Models for Image Classification Tasks
Automated optimisationDeep LearningImage classification
AI for Anglophone Africa: Unlocking its adoption for responsible solutions in academia-private sector
AcademiaAI in AfricaNM-AIST
Data Balancing Techniques for Predicting Student Dropout Using Machine Learning
EducationMachine LearningNM-AIST
Machine Learning Imagery Dataset for Maize Crop: A Case of Tanzania
AgricultureMachine LearningMaize crop
Dataset of banana leaves and stem images for object detection, classification and segmentation: A case of Tanzania
AgricultureAI ResearchNM-AIST
AI and Development- Reality, Controversies, Responses
AI and DevelopmentGenerative AILLMIC
L’intelligence artificielle au service du processus d’élaboration des politiques: La frontière de la transformation économique de l’Afrique
AI DevelopmentEconomics
Artificial Intelligence for Economic Policymaking: The Frontier of Africa’s Economic Transformation
AI DevelopmentEconomics