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AI4D Africa aims to support the development of responsible AI research and policy from Africa.

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Eyes on the ground: Using smartphone images and machine learning for crop monitoring​
AgricultureCrop monitoringMachine Learning
Improving resilience of smallholder farmers through Climate Smart Crop Insurance and Stress tolerant varieties​
AgricultureLacuna FundSmall holder farmer
SeeItGrow: Impacts of picture-based versus weather index insurance for smallholder farmers in Kenya​
AgricultureLacuna FundSmall holder farmer
How to use Planet-Box-Extractor API to create bounding boxes for your CV models
Data modeldatasetLacuna Fund
Livestock movement informs the risk of disease spread in traditional production systems in East Africa
AgricultureLacuna Fundlivestock disease
Helmets Labelling Crops – An innovative citizen-science enabled approach filling training data gaps leveraging AI to accelerate ML4EO applications
AgriculturedatasetLacuna Fund
CropHarvest: a global satellite dataset for crop type classification
Agriculturecrop classificationdataset
Geo-referencing crop labels from street-level images using Structure from Motion
Street2Sat: A Machine Learning Pipeline for Generating Ground-truth Geo-referenced Labeled Datasets from Street-Level Images
AgricultureClimate Change AIFood systems
Principles of Afro-Feminist AI Data
Afro-feministFeminist AIPollicy Org
Towards Afro-Feminist AI: A Handbook For Approaching Governance of AI in Africa
Afro-feministFeminist AIGovernance
Automated Optimization-Based Deep Learning Models for Image Classification Tasks
Automated optimisationDeep LearningImage classification