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AI Assistive Technologies (ATS) For Persons With Disabilities (PWDS) In Africa
The State of AI in Africa – A Policy Brief
AI in AfricaCIPITPolicy
A Snapshot of the Intersection of AI and Copyright Law: The Author Dilemma
NaijaSenti: A Nigerian Twitter Sentiment Corpus for Multilingual Sentiment Analysis
Lacuna FundNatural Language Processingsentiment analysis
A Comparison of Topic Modeling and Classification Machine Learning Algorithms on Luganda Data
Lacuna FundMachine LearningNatural Language Processing
Building Text and Speech Datasets for Low Resourced Languages: A Case of Languages in East Africa
datasetLacuna Fundlow resourced languages
Gender bias Evaluation in Luganda-English Machine Translation
GenderGender and InclusionGender bias
A Pilot Implementation of A Remote IoT Sensor For Aquaponics System Datasets Acquisition
fish farmingIoTLacuna Fund
An internet of things labelled dataset for aquaponics fish pond water quality monitoring system
fish farmingInternet of thingsIoT
Innovations in Agricultural Insurance: Lessons Learnt About Managing Smallholder Farmer Risks
AgricultureAgriculture insuranceLacuna Fund
Climate-smart crop insurance to promote adoption of stress-tolerant seeds: Midterm findings from a cluster randomized trial
AgricultureAgriculture insuranceClimate Action
A new model for inclusive seed delivery: Lessons from a pilot study in Kenya: Leveraging champion farmers’ entrepreneurial know-how to reach the last mile
AgricultureLacuna Fund