Grantee Resources

Updated 30/03/2022

This document acts as a reference to key templates, ongoing activities, and more to help you with reporting, learning, media and communications.

Please also explore resources available to all IDRC grantees.

  1. Technical Report Template
  2. Using the AI4D logo and the Media Kit
  3. Implementation Committee
  4. Responsible AI plans
  5. Carbon Footprint reporting
  6. Gender Support
  7. Staying Up to Date with AI4D Activities

1. Technical Report Template

Please use the Technical Report Template for your IDRC required technical reporting.

How to use the template

This template is quite comprehensive. However, please note that you do not have to respond to all questions. You only need to answer the questions that apply to your project. The reports will also be shared with partners like our colleagues at Sida, with other AI4D projects to help inform our collective cohort learning, monitoring and evaluation activities. We also hope you will find it useful in capturing the outcomes of your workplan and activities.

  1. We recommend you approach the template in a rolling manner. For the interim technical report, we recommend you update it continuously, and indicate the dates of new entries. In that way a complete picture will emerge about your projects. Then submit the updated template (rather than a new version) on your IDRC Connect project page when it is time to submit your interim technical report (according to the milestones indicated in your grant agreement).
  2. You can also use the template to guide your monitoring meetings with your responsible program officer.
  3. Please complete the sections that are most relevant to you and your project. We recommend you approach this reporting succinctly.
  4. For the final technical report, the report will be published publicly on IDRC’s website. We therefore recommend you clean up the rolling templates for the final report.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to myself or your responsible officer with any questions about reporting.

2. Using AI4D’s logo / Media Kit

The AI4D Africa initiative recognizes that effective, integrated and coordinated communication from all partners is integral to carrying out AI4D Africa’s goal. The brand is the identity of the program, and this identity determines the language and the general presentation of the program to both internal and external audiences. Therefore we ask that you use the AI4D Africa logo in your project communications, as well as Sida and IDRC’s, and you follow the guidelines in the Media Kit.

Password for the Partner Onboarding Document is ai4d-africa-101

The AI4D Africa Media Kit also contains important guidance on the use of the logo and the branding.

3. Implementation Committee

A key component of the management of the AI4D Africa program is the Implementation Committee (IC) which has the mandate to ensure African leadership of the initiative, strengthen alignment of program activities with the goals of the initiative, and promote cross-initiative sharing and learning. The IC will consist of representatives from the 15 organizations who are implementing AI4D projects.

The current plan is to have an inaugural meeting of the IC in June 2022. We’ll ask that you nominate a lead from your project (the PI or a person of their choosing) to join the group and their activities.

4. Responsible AI plans

It is expected that all innovation networks and multidisciplinary labs will develop plans to ensure that any AI innovations designed and developed with AI4D funds will be done so responsibly. The purpose of these plans are to:

  1. Ensure AI4D Africa supported AI innovations are responsible throughout their lifecycle;
  2. Contribute to global knowledge

The plans to be developed by the innovation research network hubs & multidisciplinary labs should:

Other potential contributions include:

Find here a list of some responsible AI resources.

5. Carbon Footprint reporting

As part of our efforts to promote responsible AI, we are asking all grantees who will be supporting the development of AI applications to take steps to measure and report on the carbon footprint of innovations supported by the AI4D Africa network, and to reduce that footprint where possible.

One tool that you can use is code carbon, a lightweight software package that integrates into your python codebase to estimate the CO2 produced to execute the code, and how you can lessen your emissions. We welcome sharing other tools with the groups. We are currently recommending that all projects adopt this as the standard for reporting on Co2 footprint (via the technical reports)

Some other carbon footprint reporting resources:

ML CO2 IMPACT, Carbon Emissions and Large Neural Network Training,

Towards the Systematic Reporting of the Energy and Carbon Footprints of Machine Learning

6. Gender Support and Supporting Inclusive Practices

It is critical to the AI4D Africa program that all research includes sex and gender analysis and that we are promoting more equitable research teams. We aim to systematically understand how gender equality and inclusion impacts our research, are integrated into the outcomes we support, and advance new learning.

Our objectives include:


‘Top 10’ GEI priorities for AI4D partners

7. Staying up to date

  1. Sign up to the bulletin for updates on the AI4D network, calls and to feature new information: Bulletin.
    To share items for the bulletin, please reach out to Sally Kuria ([email protected], AI4D Comms Manager), and your Program Officer.
  2. Twitter
    AI4DAfrica (@AI4Dev)
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    IAPD Afrique (@iapd_afrique)
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  3. LinkedIn
    AI4D Africa | IAPD Afrique 
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  4. Youtube
    AI4D Africa 
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