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Designing a Rights-based Global Index on Responsible AI
March 1, 2022
Global Index on Responsible AIHuman rightsResearch ICT Africa
EduAI Hub- Advancing Education Innovation Through Responsible AI
February 21, 2022
Data Science NigeriaEducationInnovation
Artificial intelligence carries a huge upside. But potential harms need to be managed
February 8, 2022
AI CommunityHuman rightsResponsible AI
Moving from Principles to Practice in Responsible AI around the world: Announcement of the new Global Index on Responsible AI
November 30, 2021
eventGlobal IndexResponsible AI
Call for Offers: Development of a Practitioner’s Guide for Kenyan AI Developers
November 24, 2021
AI CommunityCall for Proposalsgiz
Job Opening: Global Research Fellow (Data Trust), March 2022
November 18, 2021
Job Opening : Global Research Fellow (Data Justice), Jan 2022
November 18, 2021
CITADEL – The Francophone AI4D Africa Multidisciplinary Research Lab
November 16, 2021
AI CommunityCITADELResearch Lab
Meet The New Hub for Responsible AI for Agriculture and Food Systems Innovation Research in Africa
October 28, 2021
Introducing AI4D Africa’s Anglophone Multidisciplinary Research Lab
October 13, 2021
Multidisciplinary LabNM-AISTResearch Lab
Driving Africa’s Development using Artificial Intelligence
September 20, 2021
AI CommunityResponsible AI
Meet the Innovations Selected by Villgro Africa to Harness the Power of AI For Africa’s Development
August 31, 2021
InnovationResponsible AISub-Saharan Africa