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Building a Medicinal Plant Database for Facilitating the Exploitation of Local Ethnopharmacological Knowledge
April 20, 2020
ActivitiesHealthMachine Learning
Preservation of Indigenous Languages
April 20, 2020
ActivitiesInclusionIndigenous languages
A Computer Vision Tomato Pest Assessment and Prediction Tool
April 13, 2020
End-to-End Learning for Autonomous Driving on Unpaved Roads – A Study Towards Automated Wildlife Patrol
April 13, 2020
ActivitiesEast AfricaInnovation
Arabic Speech-to-Moroccan Sign Language Translator: “Learning for Deaf”
April 12, 2020
Getting data: Creating a ground truth dataset for malaria diagnosis in Tanzania
April 9, 2020
ActivitiesEast AfricaHealth
Philip Apodo Oyier from Jomo Kenyatta, University of Agriculture and Technology on AI and common problems in Africa
April 3, 2020
AgricultureAI CommunityInterview
Improving Pharmacovigilance Systems using Natural Language Processing on Electronic Medical Records
March 29, 2020
Building a Data Pipeline for a Real World Machine Learning Application
March 29, 2020
Extracting meta-data from Malawi Court Judgments
March 20, 2020
Maria Fasli, University of Essex, UNESCO Chair in Data Science and Analytics on developing AI solutions in Africa
February 9, 2020
InterviewResponsible AI
December Review; AI4D- African Language Dataset Challenge // Bilan de decembre; Défi AI4D – Jeu de Données sur les Langues Africaines
February 4, 2020