UNESCO’s Dorothy Gordon: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on International Development

July 25, 2019

IDRC’s President Jean Lebel invited Dorothy Gordon, the Chair of Information for All at UNESCO, to Montréal, where she shared her reflections on the potential impacts of artificial intelligence on international development. Here is a summary of her talk in Montréal in May 2019:

Dorothy’s talk focused on the opportunities of AI in the Global South and emphasized the continued need for international collaboration to foster practices that promote the responsible use of AI systems to benefit people. Looking at how technological innovations were deployed in many developing countries she also cautions that “a major problem with new technologies is that we have decision-makers with no ability to judge whether the technology they’re being sold is going to be able to deliver or not.”

Featured image by CORIM/Flickr 2019. Under Fair Use and no copyright infringement intended.